Monday, February 18, 2008

so ffxi-wise i had a super productive weekend.

got war from 25 to 37

got drg from 22 to 26

succeeded at a promvyHolla and enm to match

oh, and my baby choco hatched! it's a girl and i named her carminRose hoho.

i had these frozen chicken finger things for dinner tonight - they were on sale - and to my surprise they happened to be infused with fish cake too - man that's so jp lol. very tasty - i'm sure they would have been awesome to put in ramen or udon or something.

this week is the week before exam week so im not exactly sure what i should be doing with the kiddies. the feeling i get from the veterans is that we either do pure entertainment, or... not haha.


Stephen said...

Kinda like how my cheese sticks turned out to be infused with fish... I wonder what else contains fish around here... maybe my chocolate too or something

Stephen said...

Heart Station

Stay Gold

I just caught up on hikki's blog and saw that the single comes out today. I feel like I should buy it just because I can now even though her next album is totaly going to have both songs on it anyway...