Saturday, October 20, 2007

i feel grrreeeaaaatttt yyeeeeaaaahhhh ^0^

so i went to practice with the dudes at gikadai today and it was awesome

all my fears totally melted away about practicing on a jp level

first of all everyones' general reaction was "holy shit... very good!" and i was like, "uh ok, lol."

i bark like a man apparently haha, and the dudes here arent out to destroy everyone in their path or anything. the head dude is a really nice guy - im not even kidding. he has that cool uncle feel to him. the other dudes seem kinda shy around me lol, so i get all up in their face and enter their personal bubble to enhance the effect! hohohoho they totally dont look me in the eye so i hella stare at their face. lol lol lol - oh, how awesome it is to tease the undergrads~

usually there are about a handful of people who come - head dude says around 5 i guess, but today we had 8 people. so the group size is a lot like non-sunday UCLA practice days.

nest part of practicing with gikadai: BEAUTIFUL MAN GOES TO THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

the same dude at gasshuku who i said, "i have stared at your face all weekend, and youre the most beautiful man here," to. TOTALLY SWEET! when i was walking with head guy to the practice site he told me, "so i think you might have worked out with one of our members at gasshuku, but im not so sure if you remember..." and i was like, "it cant be him..." and it was!! i opened the door into the room and i was like, "beautiful man!!!" and hella pointed to him. "REALLY great to see you again!!" lol.

its nice because i can speak japanese to them 100% go me. all the independent study stuff ive been doing and will be doing is going to be put to use every saturday evening now =D

oh, how the universe loves me so!

and im happy the group size is just about as intimate as UCLA. ive already memorized everyones' names =D i have first impressions for everyone too - like "this guy is like a nice and no-power jimmy" or "this is totally like freshman year karate man allen" or "this guy is like big steve." but theyre all really nice, albeit shy haha.

oh and this was no big surprise at all but im the only girl again! lol.


Thanh said...
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Thanh said...

Show them the power of America! lol

Thanh said...

I told you the guy is Kansai, not Hokkaido lol

David Walton said...

woot~ kick ass and take names lol
I'm still gonna have to face ya H2H one day tho, perhaps I'll just have to take it more seriously ;p

neoPootling said...

his snowiness tricked me... so snowy!!