Monday, October 22, 2007

my jp teacher buddy showed me their brand spanking new computer lab today - it's not even a year old yet haha. everything in there is so fatty. i can say the feel of the room was even more spiffy than the newest computer labs at UCLA. we were abusing the technology a bit like messing with the electronic white board... international first year kids at my base school have sure got it good.

we cleaned out the beginnings of a bird's nest in a room adjacent to the new computer lab. we wedged some cardboard in the little nook where the nest was (no babies yet for the year so we didnt have to feel bad). teacher dude said that a few months ago when he first inherited the duties and responsibilities for that room he had to clean out the bird nest stuff and there were actually 4 baby pigeons already chilling in the nest @_@

the air bites of autumn finally. i can even say that sometimes when i ride my bike places, it actually feels... cold... to me. lol.

no not counting my suit jackets, i only really have a thin sweater and hoodie that counts as fall/ winter tops. if it gets as cold as they say it will, i'm going to freeze! huzzah! if it really gets that bad before i get my next supply drop, i can always just find some more clothes i guess... but ever since i got internet back, nearly all my shopping desires have been killed off, clothing-wise that is, because i still wanna buy technology and games and stuff harhar.

something amusing happened today and ive been trying all day to keep it in my head so i could write it down here. but now that i'm actually in the process of recording, i cant seem to remember exactly what i wanted to remember... it was something about my life at school, that's for sure...

anyway, i can confidently say that the best lunch goods are at my mid-level school. they have the best 'spicy chicken' on a stick thing ever. now when they say 'spicy' they really dont mean spicy. it's more like seasoned chicken. in any case, i havent had chicken as good as that for a very long time. so modest! so tasty!

a lot of teachers gave out sweets today. i got a bunch of red bean manju guys as well as chocolate cookie things. i didnt hold back either - right after i ate my lunch, i kept on refilling my teacup and ate all the cakes in one sitting. lol. my tupperware guy that i bring my lunch in is pretty big too. i want to say it's 3 times the volume of a normal pill-shaped bento thing that the teachers and students bring. it's not like i fill it up 100% though, haha. but after im finished eating, while im washing it out at the sink, passer-by teachers kind of stare at the box, then at me, and then at the box again and kinda smile and go about their business. i swear im the only one who has just random tupperware for their lunch box thing and not something of the cute variety like all the others have.

darn, that thing that i was going to write was making me laugh to myself all day too, haha. im sure ill be able to remember it eventually.

i was writing materials for Halloween themes lessons and was getting kind of sad as i realized that Halloween totally does not exist in Japan the way it does in the states. i wont get to cosplay to lecture! or the supermarket! im thinking of bringing my COR cosplay and just showing them what i would have worn if i was in the states, haha.

man, if i was back in the states i'd totally rock COR. we could prolly get away with trick or treating still too, as long as i let my hat cover my eyes i think haha. oh, i can share part of my handout here:

My Halloween Costume Timeline:

Preschool (kinda) – cat

Kindergarten – fairy

1 – ballerina

2 – duck
3 – astronaut
4 – bad witch

5 – good witch

6 – ghetto Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)
7 – mad scientist
8 – mage

9 – warrior (pasta strainer sallet)

10 – Lucca (Chrono Trigger)
11 – Freya (Final Fantasy IX)
12 – Rena (Star Ocean II)

Freshman – UCLA
Sophomore – Red Mage (Final Fantasy XI)
& Takuto (Full Moon wo Sagashite)
Junior – Chii (Chobits)

Senior – Haruhi (Ouran Host Club)

behold, all my halloween costumes from when i was 4 years old~


David Walton said...

You're 9th grade halloween costume was a generic warrior? No specific character from any specific thing? I think you're my hero lol. Other people I meet seem not to get the allure of the martial arts warrior/soldier. tsk tsk.

I'm not really a costume guy but I have a halloween party to go to next week... I think I want to be painted up like a leopard. Ya know... to celebrate Apples new OS that comes out the day before the party XD.

I swear I'm not a geek tho... I just really like Apple computers... and some Linux... but I'm just as normal as you!!! lol

neoPootling said...

i felt so mighty! i even went for the asymmetrical armor look too ohoho