Thursday, October 4, 2007

so i got to talk with a nice group of 3rd years from english club after school today. to my delight, one of the girls confessed her obsession with anime, games and manga, hoho. after i showed her pictures from my various cosplay and whatnot she told me, "pham sensei... you made my day." lol.

i hope the regular first year kids will grow to enjoy english conversation as these kids did. i told them all about hyphee culture and then about UCLA and how class is like there. they were like, "zomg 300 students in one class?!" when i told them about your typical lower division or GE class.

so some other bug thing has been biting me for the past few days. at first i thought they were the usual mosquito suspects, but these bites turned super red, they became inflamed in a smaller area, and would fade drastically and promptly after only one hour or so. after that hour, they become really small, almost if someone took a marker and dabbed me with it - and they stop itching! they really burn when i first get the bite though, i notice right away unlike for mosquito bites.

i asked a bunch of teachers what they think the number one mosquito prevention plan is and they all seem to agree that this popular incense style coil thing is the best. there must be some kind of food i can eat that makes me non tasty for the mosquito kind...

im going to launch my light hearted comic stuffs in a few days. ive already drawn interesting things, so once i decide how to start off the whole thing, i can expect myself to be posting new things nearly every other day. (rough projection).

i think im going to farm some more in game now...

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