Friday, October 26, 2007

i had a really awesome time at my almost all boys school today. man, i swear those kids have to most heart out of all the schools ive been too haha. i just did self-intro lessons, but they were so nice and responsive! sure theyre a little ADD, but it's not like theyre ignoring me or trying to disrespect me. they just... have stuff that pops into their head now and then, and they just have to turn to their buddy and talk to them real fast, lol.

working the classroom politics is a lot of fun too. i swear these kids could have been casted as a great homeroom for a gokusen-esque high school tv drama. theyre actually more well behaved than what a gokusen caliber bunch would be.

it was pretty much raining all day today. it got really bad during 6th period and there was thunder and lightening of biblical proportions. i seriously cant recall any thunder storms that were any more badass than what we went through today. walking the 8 minutes or so from school to the train station got me totally soaked from the knee down. i was wearing flip flops - college rainy day habit - so the general public looked at me kinda funny wherever i went. i dont know why it could have been such a big deal - flip flops arent so far away from those high heeled open toe things i saw some women sporting today. after i made my train transfers and whatnot, and got back to home station i decided to mull around the animate downstairs. theyre selling those chocobo plushies i saw at TGS there hoho.

i went to the international food store after animate and bought that wonka bar =3 i also got some chunky skippy =D

and mosquitoes still bite the hell out of me even in the cold and rain - how messed up is that? i have one from today, one from yesterday, and two from the day before. i swear theres nothing i can do to make them not want to suck my blood.

ive been sashimi-ing it out for the past few days. you can always count on freshness and variety at good old Valor Supermarket. im going to eat some miso soup, gyoza, pizza nikuman, and tuna onigiri for dinner tonight - just waiting for rice to ding. time to ww - im like 0.6 away from ww 69 hoho

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