Tuesday, October 16, 2007

posting as slowed to a trickle as i have been able to message people and tell them about stuff that way.

ive had a steady habit of ffxi-ing these past few days. i got the o kote drop in castle O this weekend. i felt like such a winner - it was great. i cant wait to try it in action.

im at my base school for the entire week this week because my other 2 schools are on exam schedules. im happy that i can simply bike to work and not have to wake up so early this week yay~ i really wish that i only had to come to my base school. id feel like more of a part of their daily lives that way. its really uncool when people come up and ask you if you can do XYZ on XYZ days and you have to think about whether youre going to come to that particular school for that particular month.

so im pretty happy that it has finally gotten cooler around here. i really cant wait for winter. i want to see things freeze and stuff haha

ive been drawing little 4-koma for the kiddies as an english writing activity - they have to write in the chat bubbles and stuff. this way hopefully i can slowly get them to think on their toes. they really have a problem with realconversation. they think too much on not what to say but how to say it and its so funny. its not that they dont know what to say... theyre just deathly afraid of saying it all ghetto. my scrap paper game and this manga chat box fill in thing has a purpose to get them to freely use what weapons theyve got at the drop of a hat. i swear they think theres only one way to say things... this way they can see that there are like 5 billion ways to get your message across even if you dont use perfect english

i want to destroy their perfectionist attitude when it comes to oral communication.

they can be perfect or whatever on a written test or an essay, but it doesnt matter with oral communication. if it really did matter, immigrant businesspeople in america would have been screwed a long time ago.

i pumped air into my poor tires yesterday. i forgot about the whole maintenance thing, and ive been working the pink stallion ever since i bought it. do you actually ride faster with tires full of air? will you really go slower if theyre not so full of air? i wanna believe that it takes less energy to ride a bike with normal amounts of air in their tires than riding a bike with flat tires... im sure an expert can tell me all about it sometime.

im going with other AET people to eat at awesome indian food restaurant in a little bit. that place is awesomely awesome. it rivals ambala daba in westwood in terms of taste - it really does. ambala daba still winds overall though. jp selection of ingredients can never beat what you can find in california.

i wonder what i should do for dinner tomorrow... the portion of food that i was going to finish off today for dinner will be my lunch at school tomorrow... so my plans for dinner are up in the air. i think i might make some tuna onigiri guys and eat it with soup and salad...

im happy that i can find the ingredients for my favorite salad combination from the dorms - spinach leaves, tofu and cheese. i used to add olives and bean varieties too, but here i stick with the basics. i still cant get over how people like to use iceberg lettuce so much. sure you see it in all the staple salads and in burgers and such... but spinach leaves, romaine lettuce, butter leaf lettuce, and even nori totally beats iceberg lettuce in every aspect. when i make ham and cheese sandwiches, instead of lettuce i put in nori haha. yea, i get a lot of questions from the other jp teachers, but if you think about it nori probably has a whole lot more to offer nutritionally than iceberg lettuce. although you kind of make a trade in texture and color... but you can keep nori in your kitchen forever!

in terms of your ghetto, "stop eating this, youre not a college student anymore" instant food i still eat ramen. i put in nori, a flat of tofu and an egg into it to make a meal out of it but... it's still instant ramen. all the bowl ramen and udon that i see at the market are all my favorite brands too so its hard to resist... so cheap... so fast... so doctorable... i miss chinese ramen though. i know if i found some id totally buy a box of it... which is like 30 bags of ramen or so... which means i would have a source of lazy food in my apartment... and my eating habits would totally die until the box 'went away.'

i finally found some passable vietnamese food ingredients at an international store in nagoya last thursday, but even after staring at them on the shelf and imagining myself eating it, i got kind of sad thinking how it would only be me eating... so i didnt buy any at all. maybe if we have a nice teachers event i'll go and cook up something cute.

ive convinced myself from when i first got here that i didnt NEED those cute lunch boxes that everyone has... until recently. the cool old male teachers were busting out their cute lunch sets and they looked so adorable... even at my ghetto tech school the boys have their own cute lunch boxes and no one messes with them. they have them out all over the place for everyone to see. jp mommies are so cool, haha.

i think i just might give in to this other want soon, hoho.

maybe i will in december when i can tell people it was a present and theyll probably believe me...


David Walton said...

You give your bike such an interesting name~ I now have to see this "Pink Stallion" lol.

Your teaching methods are very unique, major applause from me. Many teachers seem to not realize that it's much easier to learn when classes are interesting.

~~I think I'm going to use blogger to keep in touch with ya instead of them message boards. It can be hard to remember to check that place sometime. Going there partly gives me the urge to play an MMO again... but just not that one ><;; Anywho- if you have another preffered method of contact, let me know (you should totally throw up an IM client sometimes :p)~~

neoPootling said...

pink stallion is faithful. i dont let anyone look down on its 24 inch rims lol