Saturday, October 27, 2007

yay for practice.

today we worked on normal kenjutsu stuff and then idori + kaiken stuff. participation makes me happy. and i got to work with beaufitul man all day today lol lol lol

at the after-practice dinner social gathering thing, i asked what everyone did in high school in terms of club stuff and they were like, "meh, normal stuff like bball club, swim club, tennis club, brass band." then we somehow got to talking about otaku and how our martial art as a whole is teeming with them, hoho. i was like, "dude its totally the same in UCLA." one guy told me that when he was a freshman, and went to see a club practice for the first time, he slid open the door and there was this dude doing saito hajime's zero stance from Kenshin like in his face lol... and that was the first impression he got of kay ess ess arr lol - not even kay ess ess arr at all haha. then he proceeded to tell me that this dude is like the number one otaku of the tsukuba branch. i doubt him not, haha.

it was raining like crazy all morning today. it cleared up significantly by the time i reached gikadai at like 500pm, and after practice you could see clear starry skies. we ate at this chinese food restaurant that every seems to like. they served some pretty fatty portions, so i guess it goes without saying that it's super popular among the college students. i had a shumai set thing and sure enough, i got a fatty bowl of rice - almost as big as a donburi bowl - fatty shumai guys, and your typical jp pickles and shredded cabbage, and their attempt at a wonton broth or something. and of course there was a fatty glob of mayo all over the cabbage... bleh. in terms of taste, they actually almost had it down. their kitchen was spot on, though. they had plenty of grease ball medals of honor on their walls and stuff - it really felt like a restaurant youd find in chinatown.

i think ill start some laundry now.

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Thanh said...

yeah you know the club is otaku when there's some guy trying to figure out how to do Ryuu Kyuu Sen and whack a guy in 9 different spots at the same time lol