Tuesday, October 30, 2007

COR was very well received today, hoho. teachers who have never bothered to talk to me actually did today haha, it was great. the kiddies got a kick out of it too. it was nice to see their "whoaaa..." expressions as i passed by their classes. basic halloween in a nutshell lessons today. i brought the jack o lantern that i made, and pictures of previous UCLA halloween experiences so they got to learn with their eyes. they totally understand what i mean now when i say, "one of my hobbies is sewing." haha.

i brought hella chocolate but it was gone so fast - i think ill need to stop by Valor again and reload. it's good that the first class i have is 3rd period tomorrow - gives me time to make copies of my handout.

anyhoo, i sure had a good time today. i wonder if any of my teacher buddies will cosplay too... i wish i had my WHM hoodie - then i could wear that with white dress and bring WHM chocobo plushie with me and have a low key halloween outfit - but that wouldnt be any fun right? hoho random teacher took pix of me while i was lesson-ing in costume and apparently it's going to be in some future PTA newsletter @_@ hopefully parents wont have anything to complain about, but on the bright side theyre going to give me copies of the pix too, so i can finally have some real school 'action' to show harhar.

if i was back at home, i would have soooo made Naja Salaheem for halloween. it's because i would have sooooo been going to the FFXI fan fest in anaheim ><

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