Thursday, October 25, 2007

so i remember what i was going to write the other day.

im totally mister rogers this season. i go to school with a jacket on, cause its kind of chilly when i ride my bike, but when i go to school i change into a thinner sweater + indoor shoes! i actually sing his song in my head too when i leave and put my jacket + shoes back on. hoho - its great.

there are a lot of dude teachers here totally stuck in the 70s - they wear 'vintage' suits and got their boss glasses going on... hair slicker than crisco... and they all all form a pack! so they look even more awesome together. they all are heavy smokers too so you can always find them near the school gate puffin on their jp cigs like no tomorrow... -- totally stuck in the 70s haha.

what else... there was one more thing...

ah yes. teachers here tend to talk to themselves a lot. they dont just mumble under their breath in a 12 inch voice, but they speak normally as if theyre really talking to someone next to them. at my base school my desk is right next to the fancy copy machine, so a lot of teachers like to chill there while their copies are being minted all the while talking to thin air... its totally groovy.

i spent a long time talking to english club kids today. best group of kiddies ever. i also went with other teacher to watch some more clubs at practice and stuff. we got to see some hardcore volleyball and badminton kids do what they do best. they have so much heart! its always so cool to see so many kids after school all wrapped up in club activities. then they'll go home and their house mommy will have a nice dinner waiting for them =3 ok, maybe thats over-generalizing a bit too much, haha.

ive been scarfing down chocolates as of yesterday, hoho. with halloween coming up ive been craving chocolate, so i went and bought these alcohol-filled ones, and some other simple chocolates as well. the non-alcoholic chocolates are by the meiji candy co - the same company that makes those choco gummy things - and the pack comes in 3 varieties: black, milk, and hi-milk. when i stare t the hi-milk one, i always think in my head hi-potion or hi-ether haha. so when i eat it i imagine im totally LARPing haha. oh, the chocolate~ after school tomorrow i think i'll buy a fatty wonka bar and slowly devour it through the beginning of november. i'll make some chocolate beef or something and bring it as a lunch. i weirded them out when i presented my ham + cheese + nori sandwich to them (the other teachers). they were like, "zomg, wtf" and i was like, "dude nori kicks the shit out of lettuce... and it's so easy to throw in between bread."

tomorrow is almost all boys tech school day~ 3rd years and 2nd years, heres hopin for excitement.


Thanh said...

chocolate beef? sick ><

Thanh said...

don't get too crazy on the sweets lol