Thursday, October 18, 2007

i totally drew a penis on the board today haha

so i was in a 3rd year student english class today and the reading material was about the origins of sushi. we came to the phrase "finger-like pieces" and to illustrate this idea i drew a picture of a glass and explained that sometimes people will say, "i want 4 fingers of this drink" and hold up 4 fingers against the glass. then i drew a dish of the dessert 'lady finger' and proceeded to explain the reason why they call it a lady finger was because it kind of looks like a finger...

but when i stepped back and looked at my drawings, the lady finger picture totally looked like a penis. i gave my students the eye and they all started busting up lol. some kids were like, "zomg wtf!?" haha, but before my jp teacher buddy could look at what was up i had filled in the picture and squared it out a lot haha. we then proceeded with the lesson >_>

3rd years are totally different than the 1st years. it's like theres a whole 5 years in between them i swear. the 1st years look like total kids but the 3rd years look like college students - it's crazy.

penis! lol, my bad.

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